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About DreamCat Bohol Cruises

A few sentences about DreamCat Marine Adventures Inc.


Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Thomas Alva Edison

Project “DreamCat” by Peter and Martin was a true inspiration and perspiration thereof.

Peter, owner of the Bohol Sunside Resort and Martin, Entrepreneur from Germany soon realized to make their inspiration and project a dream come true.


Cruise Ship

The idea of building a catamaran had been around for many years, however making this project a reality became a personal mission for both in order to create a cruise ship like atmosphere which could become one of the top attractions in Bohol.

After a long and selective search, a qualified shipyard was finally found that would help to convert their ideas and wishes into a stunning new and never before seen design; incorporated with the builder’s own experience and vision.


Project Hurdles

The financial hurdles that come with the size of a project like this were soon reassured, when friends and business partners became aware of the opportunity and showed tremendous enthusiasm and pride to be part of this adventure.

During the course of the planning stages and later on the construction, it turned out that it was not enough to bring along only the necessary smaller changes, but also the firm will to realize this massive project.

After more than 3 years of initial preparations, creative meetings and forecasting, the “DreamCat” finally touched the waters and made its maiden voyage from its shipyard in Cebu to the blue waters of Panglao, Bohol.


Launch 2018

As of May 2018, we proudly welcome guests from all over the world onboard the “DreamCat”. With an impressive length of 25 meters and a width of about 10 meters, this catamaran is sure to impress not only the onlookers in the marina but also its visitors.

The equipment onboard this ship can also be described as extraordinary. Here you will find a generous bar stocked with cold draft beer, a variety of soft drinks and many more delicious beverages and snacks. Barbecue grills, entertainment systems, comfortable seating on 2 different levels, sun loungers and a large jacuzzi will invite you to become part of this experience when going on island hopping adventures or cruises around the islands of Bohol.

On our tours, we offer a full all-inclusive excursion, including a selective warm buffet with all your favorites.


Safety first

The safety of our guests on board is top priority and receives special attention at all times.

Our experienced captain and his crew, are all trained and have the technical know-how on equipment’s such as: GPS, radar, sonar & ASI maritime radio, which guarantees safe navigation through our local water ways. Life jackets for all guests and crew as well as 4 life rafts for 100 persons are installed on board with the accordance to the Philippine Maritime Law.

The vessel “DreamCat” as well as the company “DreamCat Marine Adventures Inc.” holds all certificates and permits necessary to operate a ship in this class.

DreamCat Bohol Boat Images

Pictures of the Catamaran Boat by DreamCat

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Peter, Martin and the entire “DreamCat” team invites you to be a part of this amazing adventure!

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